Kara Daly

Wellness Blogger I Freelance Copywriter I Womxn's Health And Wellness

Who I am...

Hi, I'm Kara and I made this entire website on a typewriter.

Just kidding. I have no idea how to do that.

I'm a freelance blogger and copywriter specializing in mindfulness, sex-positivity, relationships, and womxn's issues.*

If you're in this industry too, I can help you optimize your content.

After reaching out to Kara, the problem I had for weeks was solved in a couple of days. I love that she gave me options so that I still had control over my content and felt a part of the process.

-Romwel Romero, Graphic Designer

What I do...

I use SEO and copywriting best practices to create content that your target audience wants. I help you sell without being pushy or manipulative--instead: genuinely helpful.

I blog, write emails, ad copy, web copy, and social media content.

But enough about me! We're here for you...

Who You Are...

You're a business owner in the womxn's health and wellness industry. You excel in your field and have something of value to offer the world, but copywriting isn't your thing. 

You googled "content marketing" and it sent you down a rabbit hole of information from which you returned many hours later, your to-do list just a little longer than it was when you started. 

You want to focus on running your business.

You want to find someone who can interpret your brand personality and turn it into stellar content. Consistently.

You don't want help from someone who can be timely, efficient, and easy to communicate with. 

Selling is placing 100% emphasis on how the reader will come out ahead by doing business with you.

-Luther Brock

How I can help you...

You need a writer who knows your target audience, through and through. Well, look no further hun. I am your target audience.

I can find out what questions your target audience is asking online and create content that answers them. I can help you find and reach the people your product or service was designed to help.

Together, we'll create a marketing strategy that will establish you as a thought leader in your field. We'll build your audience and do the work needed to build trust. 

Through a genuine approach to marketing, your product and service will find it's way to the people it was designed to help the most.

Are you ready to level up? Email me right now to get started.

*The term "womxn" acknowledges that feminism has historically served cis, white women and has excluded women of color, trans women, and non-binary people. "Womxn" is a spelling change that indicates to the reader that their feminist work includes ALL women-identifying people. In my work, this is especially important when talking about reproductive and sexual health, as not all people who menstruate, have ovaries or vaginas, identify as female. Because so much content has used the term "women" to mean cis, white women, the use of "womxn" is necessary to signify to the reader that their experience is recognized and included. Read more about the term "womxn" here.