Kara Daly

Wellness Blogger I Freelance Copywriter I Womxn's Health And Wellness

Hi there! I'm Kara and I'm a freelance writer and copywriter specializing in womxn's health and wellness. Follow my hashtag #copysells on LinkedIn for tips and tricks on copywriting, blogging, and SEO.

I blog about mindfulness, sex-positivity, relationships, and womxn's issues. I write ads, web copy, and emails for badass businesses in these industries.

Copywriting is equal parts art and science, and no parts math!

Just kidding, there's a tiny bit of math but I just call that "number dancing."

What I can do for you:

-I can help you demonstrate to your readership that you understand their biggest challenges
-I can help you establish yourself as an industry excerpt through content marketing
-I can help you increase your sales without having to be pushy or manipulative
-I can find out what your target audience is searching for on Google right now and write the content they want to read
-I can sometimes make you laugh (that's extra though)

If you are in the wellness industry, especially if your biz deals with:

-ethics in relationships
-social justice
-reproductive health

then I am your girl!

Click here to email me and let's optimize your copy ASAP.

My words are here for ya.