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For White Business Owners Who Want To Show Solidarity With BLM

If you're a white business owner wanting to address racism and police brutality but aren't exactly sure what to say, here are a few pointers. 1. Don't skirt around the issue. If you're going to go public with your solidarity with BLM, don't say things like "we at _____ don't see color" or post illustrations of white and BIPOC people dancing around an Earth, holding hands. 2. Stick to the script. If your message is "we need to stop the hate," then you're not aligned with BLM. Your message is on

Writing Self-Care Into Your Business Plan Will Improve Productivity and Performance

I recently came across a blog by a freelance writer who was making the case for total commitment to blogging as a requirement for success. His idea of commitment? Work seven days a week for several years. Work any and all hours. He said he wrote that very article at 2am on a Sunday. This, he said, was the attitude needed in order to earn the freedom that comes with a freelancer’s lifestyle. So let me get this straight. In order to get the freedom of professional autonomy, I have to trap myself

5 Tips for Managing Your Time and Staying Sane During Quarantine

I’m one of many service industry workers who haven’t been to work since March 14th. I work as a server at an adorable local wine bar and restaurant in Charlotte, North Carolina. I love my job and I love wine, so when my boss called, I eyed my wine rack suspiciously, knowing that with nothing to do I could plow through my beloved collection. Or I could get lost in true-crime documentaries (Tiger King anyone?!) and lose my sense of purpose, a phenomenon I call a “TV hangover.” To make it through

Staying Out Of The Headlights: On Finding My Own Writing Process

I’ve always hated writing prompts. They shine headlights on me and I freeze. On-the-spot writing exercises fill with me with fear, creating a barrier between myself and what I need to say. The pressure does the opposite for me what it does for others. I require inspiration and an open field in order to write, whether it’s poetry, prose, or music. But I don’t have to resign myself to a life of being a helpless “vessel.” I can comb my life for patterns, name them, and learn to create the condition